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Mobility Exchange Collaborates with Samsung's Mobile B2B Healthcare Team

Nov 8, 2022

Solving the clinical and social challenges for providers and patients alike

HENDERSON, Nev., Nov. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Mobility Exchange has collaborated with Samsung's Mobile B2B Healthcare Team to utilize their latest mobile device products. As the world continues to go digital, Mobility Exchange has made it easier than ever to transform any environment into a connected health and wellness center. Samsung Health will be providing its fully optimized devices and solutions for the implementation of the MobEx Health Hub and Family Connect applications powered by Mobility Exchange.

Mobility Exchange software leverages Samsung's reliable products to solve clinical and social challenges in healthcare.

MobEx Health Hub, a commercial platform, allows clinical teams to evaluate, manage, and connect with multiple individual patients from one place. The proactive management of home care is easier than ever with access to medical records, health vitals data, secure messaging, telehealth, specified content delivery and more, making MobEx Health Hub an integrative solution for managed care organizations and the continuum of care.

MobEx Health Hub benefits patients by maintaining personal independence and improving health. Members are empowered to take control of their health through features such as appointment calendars, access to educational resources, and monitoring vitals and medications. The MobEx Health Hub platform has already been deployed to some of the largest managed care organizations and hospital systems in the United States.

Family Connect, a consumer platform, is designed to help senior citizens live independently in their own homes. Family Connect gives family and friends insight into their senior family members health and wellness. User-friendly video and chat, calendar system with reminders, medication management, and vitals monitoring are just some ways Family Connect makes living independently easier for senior citizens.

By leveraging the reliable products of Samsung's Mobile B2B Healthcare Team, Mobility Exchange aims to bring its intuitive technology to solve the pain points of its members by creating connections with providers and patients, and family members with loved ones. Mobility Exchange is excited for their partnership with Samsung Health to continue to empower the healthcare industry with integrative and advanced technological solutions to everyday problems.

About Mobility Exchange:

Mobility Exchange is a leading technology solutions provider deploying devices and custom software which integrate technology into healthcare to drive clinical outcomes and care for the individual as a whole.

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