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Health Net Partners with Mobility Exchange to Create Easy Access to Clinical Care and Resources for Communities That Need It the Most

Mar 30, 2023

Using innovative technology to expand the availability of community-based resources

Health Net is collaborating with Mobility Exchange, a Nevada-based company, to expand its outreach to underserved communities in need of access to community-based resources and clinical care. Mobility Exchange is a leading technology solutions provider specializing in integrating technology into healthcare to drive positive patient outcomes.

Health Net is providing Member Connect Stations powered by Mobility Exchange, as part of the Health Net MOVES program to bring

resources directly into the hands of underserved communities. Health Net is leveraging a platform that contains a digital library of easily accessible clinical care resources, education on health conditions, along with telemedicine technology. Community-based resources are also available and include education on topics such as housing, employment, behavioral health, parenting guidance, coping skills, substance abuse, and more. These Member Connect Stations will also serve as a safety gap during emergencies such as wildfires, to ensure communities have access to vital resources. Resources are shared through digital web-based content such as articles, web links, audio files, and videos.

Members can visit these stations conveniently located in places such as healthcare facilities, emergency departments, high-traffic community-based organizations, or homeless shelters. Many resources are available to assist communities that face health, financial, education, and housing disparities. Access to those resources is a significant problem, which may be caused by a lack of a mobile device, access to a computer, or a limited data plan. Health Net aims to overcome this access barrier by utilizing innovative technology to expand its outreach and engagement to these underserved communities.

By leveraging the best of both companies, our goal is to bridge the gap between clinical care and community services through reimagining accessibility and ease of use of technology solutions. Integrating this technology into communities removes barriers, overcomes operational challenges, and creates a stronger connection between patients, clinical care providers, and community services, resulting in better patient care for communities that need it the most.

"These Member Connect Stations (“kiosks”) are a technology-enabled extension of us, to enable our members and communities to have access to valuable resources at their fingertips. It brings us one step closer to meeting our members and communities where they are by rightsizing the solution to meet the need – and no two solutions need to be the same; they are completely customizable," explained Dipa Patolia, Senior Director, of Population Health & Clinical Operations at Health Net.

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