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MobexHealth (formerly known as Mobility Exchange) was established in 2010 with a vision to revolutionize the patient care process. We are committed to creating cutting-edge solutions for providers, payers, and patients alike. Our revolutionary solutions are designed to promote whole-person care and enhance health equity in all communities, driving our mission to advance healthcare innovation.


With years of expertise, our team excels in revolutionizing healthcare systems plagued by inefficiencies and fragmentation.


We develop solutions with the widest range of agnostic devices, mobile apps and integration tools. By harnessing cloud power, we provide greater cost savings, agility, scalability and reach.

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App develoeprs planning and executing


Purpose-Built Solutions

Our purpose built solutions are tailored to empower the patient, simplify and engage the clinical teams all while improving the outcomes of the overall care and convenience.  


Our solutions include:

  • Remote patient monitoring programs

  • Visibility to real-time patient data and analytics

  • Automated workflows

  • Telehealth / Virtual visits

  • Health content navigation with guided tools and language translation 

  • 3rd party application integration

  • Patient satisfaction surveys

  • Electronic SDOH data collection

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