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Use Cases

Explore How MobexHealth Clients Successfully Implement and Leverage Our Solutions

Community Kiosks

MobexHealth Community Kiosks are versatile healthcare solutions designed to address accessibility challenges in diverse community settings.

MobexHealth kiosks are used by various clients, including Salvation Army centers, community health centers, and homeless shelters, to expand healthcare access for underserved populations. These kiosks are also deployed in settings like schools and workplaces to promote wellness and facilitate health screenings. Customizable and seamlessly integrated into existing healthcare systems, the kiosks play a crucial role in fostering healthier communities by directly delivering essential health services. Additionally, individuals can scan a QR code on the kiosk to take resources home, extending the reach of health information beyond the kiosk itself. Click on the links below to learn how the following facilities have used the platform.

Community Based Organizations in California

Michigan Neighborhood Health Center

Texas Salvation Army

Health Hub

The MobexHealth Hub has demonstrated excellent outcomes in Home Healthcare, LTSS (Long-Term Services and Supports), and Remote Patient Monitoring programs.

The MobexHealth Hub is a tablet-based digital healthcare platform trusted by major managed care organizations in the United States. It seamlessly integrates clinical teams and patient participation, offering innovative solutions for delivering top-quality healthcare services.  It caters to various care settings, providing visibility, adherence to treatment plans, vital monitoring, wound care management, and extended patient-centered care. Click the link below to discover how a Health Plan has implemented MobexHealth Hub for their members.

MobexHealth Hub Use Case


MobexHealth Assist supports enhanced care for individuals in need of behavioral health services.

With MobexHealth Assist, Mobile Crisis Units have the necessary tools at their fingertips to make informed decisions, enhance crisis response, and ultimately, improve outcomes for individuals in need of behavioral health support. This comprehensive solution has ensured that critical information is readily available, empowering responders to provide timely and effective assistance during crisis situations. Click the link below to download our use case on how our client implemented MobexHealth Assist.

MobexHealth Assist Use Case

MobexHealth Plus

Creating a custom environment for your resources and applications

Using MobexHealth Plus, clients have the ability to curate their own customized 'application' by assembling tools, resources, links, forms, and applications, thus creating a comprehensive resource tailored to their specific requirements. Explore below to learn how we assisted our clients in constructing their personalized tools to address their individual needs.

Maternal App Use Case

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