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MobexHealth Assist

MobexHealth Assist supports enhanced care for individuals in need of behavioral health services.

Mobexhealth Assist is designed to revolutionize mobile crisis intervention teams' operations. Built for seamless communication in the field, MobexHealth Assist ensures instant connection between encountered individuals and Behavioral Health Crisis Teams, fostering convenience and security.

For First Responders, MobexHealth Assist serves as a crucial resource, offering guidance on alternative approaches to custody and empowering them with precise assessment tools through mobile crisis units. In acute distress situations, immediate crisis support and resources are just a tap away, addressing critical challenges in behavioral health crisis management head-on.

Privacy is paramount with MobexHealth Assist, featuring robust data privacy measures to safeguard user confidentiality. Through its purpose-built tablet, equipped with a video-to-video communication application, First Responders can conduct video assessments of individuals with potential mental health issues encountered on the streets.

What sets MobexHealth Assist apart is its ability to submit calls to multiple Behavioral Health agencies simultaneously, ensuring prompt support from the first responder. Once connected, a Behavioral Health specialist conducts a virtual visit to assess the individual, facilitating proper placement and potentially reducing congestion in the jail system while minimizing detainee retention time.

With MobexHealth Assist, First Responders have the necessary tools at their fingertips to make informed decisions, enhance crisis response, and ultimately, improve outcomes for individuals in need of behavioral health support.

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