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MobexHealth enhances their Digital Health
Platforms with Launch of MobexHealth ID

Your All-in-One Digital Passport for Health Information and Resources

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Take a Closer Look

A digital ID offering multiple practical applications

An ID integrating with all MobexHealth products

Endless Options Tailored to
Your Needs


Personal info, allergies, medications


Health Plan Info


Discounts & Coupons

MobexHealth ID platform.png


Telehealth scheduling


EMR pairing


Geo Location

Connect and protect your loved ones

MobexHealth Continuum of Applications and Solutions

Pairs directly into MobexHealth Community, Hub and Family Connect solutions.


MobexHealth ID pairs with MobexHealth Community, Hub and Family Connect for a seamless user record. 

Save on health-related expenses and services by printing coupons from designated kiosks within the platform. Schedule telehealth appointments, access healthcare services, and integrate data with Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems. The platform also provides Geo location services, aiding in the tracking and locating of healthcare facilities, providers, or services in your vicinity.

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