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MobexHealth Hub

MobexHealth Hub for Home Healthcare, LTSS, and Remote Patient Monitoring programs.

MobexHealth Hub offers a tablet digital healthcare experience that seamlessly integrates clinical teams and patient participation. This platform has been trusted by some of the largest managed care organizations and hospital systems in the United States, providing them with an innovative solution for delivering top-notch healthcare services.

MobexHealth Hub revolutionizes healthcare by supporting Value-Based Care. Our comprehensive platform empowers individuals to maintain independence, improve health outcomes, and engage with their care team. With features like Remote Patient Monitoring, Telehealth, medication logging, vitals capturing, brain-stimulating activities, content sharing, and secure messaging, our platform transforms any environment into a connected health and wellness center. Whether it's short-term care, home health, or chronic conditions, MobexHealth Hub caters to various care settings, providing visibility, adherence to treatment plans, vital monitoring, wound care management, and extended patient-centered care.

Finally, our platform provides the flexibility of seamlessly integrating your Integrated Care Team or our Partners, promoting collaborative care and enhancing communication between healthcare professionals and patients, ensuring comprehensive health management.

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