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Family Connect

Family Connect is a communication and health management tablet designed specifically for senior adults and chronically ill individuals to stay in touch with their families.

Family Connect is a revolutionary application designed to offer families seamless access and valuable insights into the well-being and health trajectories of their loved ones, all within a single, user-friendly platform.

Crafted with a considerate approach, Family Connect caters to the specific needs of older adults and individuals dealing with chronic illnesses. It presents a straightforward solution for communication, medication management, vitals tracking, activity monitoring, as well as alerts and reminders. To enhance the overall experience, engaging games are incorporated to stimulate cognitive function and encourage family participation in the health and wellness journey of their family member.

The Family Connect tablet is not only powerful in its capabilities but also incredibly user-friendly. It comes pre-configured, ensuring that individuals can start using it straight out of the box without any hassle. For family members eager to stay connected and informed, a dedicated Family App is available for download on their mobile phones, fostering a deeper connection and active involvement in the well-being of their loved ones. Family Connect redefines the way families connect, communicate, and actively participate in the health journeys of their cherished family members.



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