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White Papers

 MobexHealth whitepapers provide an overview of the benefits of their comprehensive healthcare technologies that make up the platform.

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How Leveraging Technology to Address Social Issues Can Improve Health Outcomes.

Health-related social needs play a critical role in an individual’s health outcome; however, traditionally, these needs have not been addressed in routine healthcare visits. Nonmedical issues such as housing, food, transportation, and education can profoundly influence physical and mental health. In addition to impacting health outcomes, health-related social needs can… Click Here to Read More 

Remote Patient Monitoring and Telehealth

Breaking Down Healthcare Access Barriers, Improving Patient Care, and Reducing Costs

Due to aging populations, the rise of chronic illnesses, and socioeconomic hurdles, an increasing number of patients continue to struggle to get access to healthcare services. The effects of these issues drive up expenditures as healthcare facilities operate at maximum capacity due in part to high readmission rates, hospital over-utilization, and lengthy hospital stays. The implementation of remote patient monitoring (RPM) and telehealth systems can address these issues by improving medical care and… Click Here to Read More

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